A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Our Home." is a work of fiction that explores themes of escapism, self-determination, and the importance of deciding one's own path in life. What is important to you, and what do you wish to protect? What is home? Is it an idea, or a place to go?

Emily Westenson is the oldest daughter in her family. Faced with mounting responsibilities and stress, a family tearing itself apart, and a sense of drive and creativity that have all but vanished from her, Emily faces each day with cynicism and exhaustion. Is this the way it has to be? Does she have to go it alone?

Presented by a team of about 30 collaborating visual novel creators for NaNoRenO 2017 in a month's time, "Our Home." draws on challenges close to the heart of the creative soul. It explores mature subject matter, mixing wit, drama, romance, and heart.


-A story over 70k words long. An involved and deep reading experience

-Branching narratives and difficult decisions to make

-11 endings. Will you find love? Get your dream job? Make your dreams a reality?

-About 1.5k lines of fully voiced dialogue

-An evolving project that will be updated over time after its initial release


  • 1.1 > We officially have permission to upload our large game on Itch servers! There are some minor fixes on voice lines, but we have bigger updates coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned!
  • 1.0 > Initial NaNoRenO release! We had to give links to external sites since our game builds were too large...


OurHome-1.1-pc.zip (672 MB)
OurHome-1.1-mac.zip (658 MB)


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so this is only GxG and there is only one RO?